Dan and I went to Hutchinson Farm yesterday to pick out pumpkins! I was inspired to draw even though there was no one there but us and it was cold and rainy.

Dan and I went to visit my sister's family and my brother. We had a lot of fun and both my sister and brother wanted to try out their mad art skills! Below are their portraits of me. The one on the left is by my sister, Alison. Right is by my brother, Jason. I was surprised at how great my sister's was, she was always very talented in art when we were younger. She did it in about 5 minutes... and after 10+ years of no practice, I think it looks pretty great!

A couple weekends ago, Dan and I decided to go out and draw people. Of course is was about 11pm on a Friday night, so we figured mall sketching was a no go. We ended up sitting outside of a nightclub and just drawing people there. Surprisingly, no one really minded us! The girl below wearing only her underwear was modelling in front of cars while some little old man took pictures. We took full advantage of her poses!

Last but not least is a bunch of random stuff I have done...
Enjoy :)


  1. Well done Nic!!!
    The pumpkin drawings are really cute, and your brother just bit Danny on ME!! (remember??) The friday night drawing are awesome! I liked the underware girl the most!!! And your caracters are really lovely! I liked the green little guy (SO CUTE!!) and the mermaid!!!
    Good Job Nic!

  2. Thank you for all the comments Rosana! It made my day!

  3. I really like the alien guy nic! You are getting better and better.... nice work with all the Saturday night club sketches hehehe!. You forgot to mention that we were freezing that night wile that women was posing with only bikinis on.

    I had a good time piking pumpkins with your the other day. I love how you always make our little day stories in to cute drawings! It always makes me happy to look at it. I love you!