Oil Pastels

Another attempt at a relatively new medium. I saw Julie had been using this gesture drawing website instead of life drawing... so I decided to try it out. It is pretty cool actually.

Anyways... I never go to life drawing... so hopefully if I use this I can grow into a well seasoned artist... though I doubt it!

Here is my 2nd attempt... the first I choose not to disclose.


I received some watercolour paints and pencil crayons from my mom and brother for Christmas :) (Markers from my nephew, Logan).

I think my first attempt with watercolours was much better than that of animating in Flash! haha


Merry Christmas

Dan and I spent our Christmas Eve at home wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music and making christmas gift tags.

You can see mine below, or click the link to Dan's!

Dan's Card

My classmate Joyce made a Christmas card that is super cute and everyone should check her stuff out as well.

Joyce's Card

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!



I am prematurely posting this for no reason other than I am bored.
I just changed my lighting so the highlights/shadows are wrong... I am going to change the colours now too. Everything looks so dead. This is an illustration of the skin and the changes that it undergoes when someone has an allergic reaction to poison ivy. I think I need to make it more fleshy and alive looking. I think the mist in the background and the "sunset" might be a little too dramatic for this... but whatever. We'll see what happens as I continue to paint.


Royal Winter Fair... very late post.

I was a little ashamed of posting these drawings a couple weeks ago because the Sheridan students were all posting theirs... and let's just face the facts, I am no Sheridan student.

BUT! I still love drawing, so here they are!

I also drew these last night while waiting for my Adobe stuff to uninstall and install again. 


More MRP website designs...

I think this is the one I am sticking with. I like my character (she hopefully will be more developed... I just busted her out and I decided to keep her). Her name is going to be Anna :)

I have been going back and forth between animating in flash or going traditional for the character animation. I thought I decided on flash... but I keep wanting to draw it all on paper.

Anyways, I am sure this design will change a lot by the end, but I think it works for now. Pretty much there are little buttons on the side that slide out when you click on them. The help button is visible at all times so the user can click it if she needs assistance. The little square buttons go to learning modules or therapeutic modules that play on the main screen (shown in the first image with the play button under it).


Merry Christmas

I think school is stressing me out a bit much lately. I don't know why... I think I have everything under control.

I decided not to go to class today because I needed some time to my self.  Dan and I bought a Christmas tree yesterday and decorated it... I'm sure this will not be the last Christmas-y post :)


Playing with colours

I really wanted to go to bed early today because I am exhausted. I decided to try playing around on my computer instead... I think I am going to bed now though.

Anyways! This painting is just something I was thinking about... not sure I did that great of a job.

Enjoy the pretty colours at least :)

I decided to work more on it today, since I needed a break from Med Legal.. again...


Don't laugh at me...

... I had a bad dream last night about the freaky giraffe that would sneak up on me every time I closed my eyes. He was very tall and a little bit wooly.

I decided to have some fun (and a break from Med Legal) and draw my own interpretation of the events of last night.

This might just be my first "storyteller" post.


Danielle, aka Jennifer, is complete!

I am so happy with this portrait :)

It was a lot of fun and I think I learned a lot about Photoshop. Even though it was copied from a picture, I am still really proud of this one! I like the white better, but we are probably using the desaturated black version for our Med Legal class.

MRI Sagittal Section

Here is another view of the atrophy of brain. The blue stuff is a space filled with CSF (cerebrospinal fluid).

I am not very happy with the colour of the brain... or the CSF... but right now it will have to do! The cerebellum will eventually be rendered. I will try to finish my orientation drawing first (a portrait of "Jennifer'). I'll try to finish that tonight as well!


MRI Transverse Section

I have been working on my Med Legal homework all day... for some reason these took me soooo long to do!

These illustrations are going to be compared with the MRI scan using an alpha slider (illustration is completely transparent and as you slide the slider the illustration becomes more opaque, covering the MRI). This is a group project with a classmate of mine named Janice. She's really great with programing and graphic design, so she is creating the user interface and I am creating the illustrations.

These MRI's are from a 16 year old girl named Jennifer who was in a snowmobiling accident. Our job is to create illustrations for a lawyer to help the jury understand the science behind the case evidence.

The last illustration is showing a "normal" brain.

Enjoy :)


Design 2!

I like this design better. I might stick with it.

I decided to call this character "Bernice" after my grandma. I don't think I would talk to my grandma about sex, but she has a cool name and she is a very kind and sweet lady! This character on the other hand seems pretty easy to talk to! Let me know what you guys think!


Sooooo... I am no good at web design.

I was trying to make cut-out images for my MRP website design. I don't think it fits in with the mood I am going for, but I had to get it out of my system. I also don't think the style fits with the type of character I am going for. Pretty much I was just trying something new and it failed...

I'll keep trying and maybe something nice and soothing will be created shortly!


Character Rotation

In my Community Centered Design Research class, we need to complete several assignments and collect 20 points by the end of the term. Each assignment is worth a specific amount of points depending on the level of difficulty or complexity. I decided to complete the "traditional animation of a rotating structure in flash" since it sounded like a lot of fun (5 points!)

Overall I am very pleased with the result. I created the character very quickly and focused on simple shapes. Colouring her in flash was very simple as well. She is a little off balance but I don't think it takes that much away from the end result.

Also, feel free to check out the website I made for this class. It contains a less choppy version of this video.


I hope you like this one :)

Freaky Dreams

I had a nightmare last night... this guy was in it. I remembered how he looked so I figured I would try my best to paint him. I don't think I captured his freaky mouth... it was even more intense than it shows below.



One layer... just started painting and this is what I came up with. Took me maybe 2 or 3 hours... I am still very slow. *sigh*


continued from my last post...

So much fun! I wish I could paint every day :)

Enjoy this beauty!

learning to paint!

We had a show and tell class today about how each of us paints in photoshop. My Diego technique is on the right (hair completed by Julie), and my Joyce technique is on the left.

I thought I would post this because I feel like my classmates deserve credit for any painting I do from now on. :)


My computer is broken...


I tried using some of the Adobe software and all of a sudden.. photoshop died. I tried reinstalling my collection... it took from 8 to 12 midnight... then failed.

I was very angry and upset, but I drew some pretty fun stuff while I was waiting.

Let's all hope that my computer feels better soon.


Fun stuff!

Here are some monsters and kids I drew yesterday. I am really starting to realize how much I love drawing. I know I am not the best, but I think my heart is in the right place.