1. dangg Nicole how can you already be working on the walk cycle??? I don't even know what reverse kinematics areeeeeee

  2. I am actually embarrassed about posting this one.. it didn't take long.. I just stuck some bones on the guy and fiddled around with him. I don't know what reverse kinematics are either!

  3. Oooh this is so fun! :D
    I love how your blog reminds me of Sheridan animation! Must be Dan's influence? haha ;)

  4. You should look at Dan's... he did this before animation... it is so cute!


  5. Lovely work Nicole!

    All the best to you in the BMC program :) I wanted to say hey but you don't use facebook :(...but now I found this through my hours of frolicking and fb-ing ahahha.

    I'm not sure if you heard already, I am leaving BMC. I am at a much much happier place. I found out the program isn't for me. I don't have the art skills needed and the passion for technology lol.

    I am on the verge of getting a full time job, multiple companies want me, and I have some wiggle room to pick and choose. :D...I also look different, I lost 20 pounds doing yoga, and I'm getting my yoga instructor's cert!

    Let me know how you are doing! :) I would love to go sketch with you in the zoo sometimes. From now on, Cyndy only draw for fun. I am also helping Nick revise BMC admissions policy b/c in my opinion, ppl like me shouldn't have been accepted in the 1st place. Wow that was long.

    I suckered Nick into inviting me to the Xmas partay, I to also party with the 1st and 2nd BMCers at the moment. Funny thing is I got to know them after I quit. lol.I am also going for my original goal - med school and dentistry.

    All the best and keep in touch!