Web design

Here is the first page of my website. I am not sure if I should change anything or if it is okay the way it is. I need to spellcheck my text, but I'll do it later. I just shoved something in so it looked complete.


Pretty capillary flower!

A flower surrounded by some capillary leaves.

I am a little confused about the colour pallet. I am not sure how to keep the pallet soft and simple while still conveying the idea about the leaves being capillaries. Red and blue are needed.

I based the flower off of a crab apple tree blossom. I think that crab apple trees are beautiful and full of energy and life. It's a pity they have such a horrible name.



I made a logo for myself!

It is for my new website I am making for my New Media class.

The idea came from trying to combine anatomy with nature (medicine and biology/science). I was hoping to create a capillary bed that looked like a leaf. I changed the colours so it might not look very bloody/gas exchangey, but I am happy with the design so I will keep it for now.


Magazine cover idea...

I am learning about 3D modeling and my class assignment is to create a cover for a scientific magazine. I chose the luciferase enzyme from the Protein Data Bank (link below).


My idea was to have a little boy catching fireflies and instead of him finding the glowing beetle in his glass jar, he finds glowing luciferase instead (the enzyme creates the light in fireflies).