Paleontological illustration of a porcupine?

I was at the AMI (Association of Medical Illustrators) conference in Toronto on Saturday. I met an awesome young lady by the name of Nicola Wong-Ken. She was showing everyone how she handles making accurate paleontological illustrations. We had an opportunity to use some of her supplies and make our own renderings.

We were given a sheet of paper with a line drawing traced from a photograph of a skull. This skull is of a porcupine. Skulls were borrowed from the University of Toronto and we could look at them while we rendered.

I got bored pretty quickly, so I started adding my own flare!!!

Thanks again to Nicola for this really neat workshop. It was very enjoyable!


Unicorn... or bicorn!?!?!

I was thinking about unicorns.... why on earth don't people talk about BICORNS?!?! It makes more sense... it seems more realistic... I just don't understand how these have passed under the radar...

So I checked out wikipedia and apparently, bicorns are mythical creatures which devour kind-hearted and devoted husbands.... oh my!

I feel like there must a be better name for a two-horned horse... or extra-horned unicorn. Maybe an extracorn?? haha who knows!