Tree Kil Moon

hehe, this one is for my brother. Not that he reads my blog... but he used to listen to the band Sun Kil Moon. This is not the sun, but a tree killing the moon.

I actually just really wanted to paint, so I made a limited palette of colours I never use and had some fun!

Here's my palette:

Any my little painting:


Life Drawing

I have been taking some life drawing classes... our teacher was a no-show today, so we just did a lot of poses. Our model was super cool and gave us a bunch of tips (she was a sheridan animation grad).

30 seconds  

5 minutes

5 minutes

5 minutes

15 minutes 


Austra - Katie Stelmanis

I've been listening to Austra a lot lately, so I decided to try painting another person!

This one is a little crazy looking, but I am still learning... so who really cares!

I am not happy with this one at all... I don't like the colours... and I don't think it looks like Katie Stelmanis... The only cool thing about it is the oil pastels/watercolour combination.

Oh well!!!! Enjoy!


I've never tried drawing a famous person before... I decided to start with Twiggy because she seemed like the easiest one! I'm not 100% sure if she is recognizable, but I had a fun time painting her. I found her iconic eyelashes extremely enjoyable to paint. She has a bit of a droopy face, which I like, but I am not sure if I captured it. My colour palate is also pretty primary... I'll try to expand as I learn more about watercolour!


Logan's Letters...

So I have been doing this one for a while now. This was a gift I made for my nephew, Logan, who just turned 2 and LOVES his letters. I'm pretty happy with it... I just wish I had planned ahead and bought a proper frame and matte board... oh well. I don't think he cares about those things yet.

Running with Spatulas Logo

I made a logo for my sister for her birthday. I decided not to post this one before Christmas because I noticed she hadn't put it on her blog yet. (In truth, I was busy and had placed my lovely little blog aside).

You can see it in action here, though I think I need to help Alison out by resizing the image to fit her site properly... I'll do that once I get a chance... I hope!

I'm pretty happy with it... I like it better than the running room logo, and it certainly captures my sister's spirited personality!

crochet attempt

So I tried to crochet a pig from the crochet geek.... this is what I made....

This was a gift for the Bestest of the Best, my friend Danielle. It is green because it was suppose to be a zombie pig.... I wasn't sure how to show that other than by making it green....

More crochet to come!