Officially on the hunt!

Since I finished school, I told myself I would take a vacation and get some well deserved R&R. Sadly, I found myself growing angrier and angrier every passing day. (Angry from relaxing... I know I'm a nut!)

It seems that I have a huge problem just sitting around and doing nothing... I went to the zoo, the beach, Wonderland, and yet I was still annoyed at everything. (I somewhat blame BMC for this... they can create a workaholic out of anyone!)

Dan finally convinced me that getting my CAREER job would be beneficial. Jeepers that sounds exciting... CAREER!!!!! Within minutes of deciding my mood has improved 100% and I am excited to start looking around!

Wish me luck!!!


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  2. Look at that! You look SO pretty with your new outfit! Good luck with your job hunting Nic!!

    (sorry about the deleted post... I Did if first thing in the morning wile I was still not quite awake and there were some gruesome spelling mistakes)

  3. You can do it!
    I loooove this drawing, it's so professional yet cute at the same time?! :)