I had another nightmare

last night and it was no fun. I decided to paint the beast from my dreams... but he ended up looking a lot cuter than I had hoped.

My dream included this creepy daemon that played piano at night... I kept fetching dairy products for him... like yogurt and milk. When he asked for soft serve ice cream, I had to pry open the wall to get it. Sadly, I also disturbed some creepy spirit that convinced the beast to kill everyone.. including me. I don't like dying in my dreams. No fun at all.

Anyways! I did this just now to get it all out of my system so I can have a fun day at the beach!


  1. Jeepers that looks scary! But I'm sure a nice day at the lake will make you feel better Nic. Unless...
    the great whites are really coming into fresh water systems like lake Ontario for instance. duh duh duuhm

  2. I feel like you must have some us resolved dog issues (maybe the chow??) b/c I notice a lot of your scary dream drawings look dog-esq. ALSO you die in your dreams?!?!?! - what is it like??? I never have I always either wake up or escape. I do have almost dying dreams though, but I've never felt death. Tell me about it :)