Master's Research Project character attempt...

I was home all day today sick with a migraine. I really hate them because the leave you feeling pretty useless and confused. I started feeling better about an hour or two ago and drew some pictures of potential APA (animated pedagogical agent) cartoon characters. I am not sure I like any of them but I tried adding colour to my mermaid in flash.

The character is going to be animated in flash and help women work through a program to help them with a specific sexual dysfunction. I am not really sure what appeals to this population... so any ideas would be helpful.

I like the idea of the mermaid because I feel they are seen as these beautiful sensual mysterious women from the sea... but that doesn't mean they have intercourse! Maybe we need to embrace our inner mermaid :)



  1. Do you have auras with your migraines? I do. It is terrible and scary. It's nice to be able to commiserate with a fellow BMCer :)

    p.s. Cute drawings!

  2. Ya... I get them all the time. Sometimes I get the auras, sometimes I don't. I did for this one though... my one eye was seeing sparkles and my other eye was not.... most of the time it is tastes/smells and cognitive disturbances (I all of a sudden can't... make... words..). It is horrible! I really think sometimes my head is going to explode and I will just die because it hurts so much... (whine whine) haha! I'm sorry you have to go through them as well! :( They really get in the way of school too!

  3. Oh that sounds really scary! I only get visual disturbances (flashes/zigzags/patterns of color and light usually in only one eye) which can last more than an hour, and i feel horrible and disoriented for days after. I've never had one interfere with school, although my last one was a few hours before a final exam; luckily i felt better by the time i had to write. Anyway, I hope you feel better!

  4. Nicole!
    Beautiful character, wow I love your signature look hehehe...:) I don't have a signature look hhee.

    That's such an interesting topic for MRP WOW. It must be so challenging to design considering it's such a sensitive issue. You can use an octopus character somewhere. Strangely that has sexual connotations...if you look up the word 'porn' on wikipedia interestingly the 1st thing that pops up is this Japanese drawing of a woman and an...octopus..uhh yea you get the picture LOL

    I actually swing by BMC a lot, but dt tho haha...I had to barge in Nick's office for a letter that explains by leaving I didn't screw anyone over with regards to research funding lol...I'm going to the Christmas party, so yes I'm not going to be a stranger :)

  5. These character designs are sooo adorable! :D
    Are you going to interview/collect data on your target group? Your drawings are so cute, but I wonder if something a bit more sophisticated and serious would be better suited for your audience. I don't know anything though! Just throwing out ideas. :)

  6. Hey nic!
    I love the way the characters look. I would just worry a little bit with their design if you are thinking of animating the in flash. They look good for frame by frame animation but if you intend to use morph and other flash animating tools i think you should go for more geometrical looking designs.
    Regarding what Joyce said, I think that the way the character is animated will define how serious the character is. Being cartoony does not necessarily mean that the animation will be childish. The problem here is that, in order to animate the character you will have to create a design based on basic shapes. I think...

    On a different topic:
    -I love you =]

  7. I will meet with some women from the population and they will be the ones to pick what the APA will look like. I am leaving a lot of things up to them actually...

    thanks for the comments!

  8. I guess this time the migraine did you good!! rsrsrs Just kidding! It's because the caracters you draw after it are so lovely!!! Again: I love the mermaid!

    PS: I hate migraines myself!