Rendered Skull

I rendered the skull from previous posts using carbon dust. It is a technique used in medical illustration. It was my first time using it and I found the medium to be very forgiving and enjoyable to work with. I am happy with the results and I hope you enjoy it!


I spent my morning drawing squirrels and I thought it would be nice to post them! Here they are... Enjoy!

Update on Grant's Museum Anatomy Pics!

I took my rough sketches and I made them pretty with wonderful lines! I closed the mouth on the sagittal section of the head, I also made the teeth of the skull straight.

School Stuff

Here are some of my sketches from the Grant's Museum at U of T. Hope you like them!!!


First attempt with photoshop!!!

I finally have photoshop (thanks to my boyfriend) and I decided I would try to paint my last post. It is hard because I am just using a mouse. I will buy a tablet once I get a little better. I think he turned out pretty well. The swords are a little rushed... oh well.

Kangaroo man!

I drew this guy to practice drawing whole figures. I don't know how to draw the human figure properly yet, so I tried doing parts of it human so I don't get overwhelmed. The rest I just guessed at what it would look like!


Sad Girl

I am trying not to use my emotions when I draw but I felt a little sad this morning and I drew this girl.


My very first sketch dump!!!

Here are some drawings I did for practice. I just set up my sketchbook on my desk and draw pictures whenever I feel like it.

Hopefully there will be more to come soon!!!!


Just starting...

Today, I am beginning my long journey to becoming a competent artist. I tried sketching a couple faces to get started and this is one that I really liked. I haven't figured out how to scan yet so I took a picture of her.

I can see a lot of problems with her, but I think she is pretty cute. Hopefully, this will be the first of many posts!