Christmas is coming!

I have not had the time to draw lately. It is such a challenge to find the time to sit and doodle.

I'm pretty rusty, but I always have fun drawing. I clearly didn't bother drawing Santa to go with this little girl in her Christmas outfit.... I just like drawing kids... old men are new territory for me and I am not ready!

Maybe I'll try Santa later on....


Simple Animals

I was just having some fun with markers. I will post again soon... I have been so busy that I have forgotten about my poor blog.

I dare you not to smile... these are so fun :D


Still playing around with the brown paper

I'm not so happy with this, but I try to post as much good and bad stuff as possible.

The lonely bar.

Mother and Daughter

I have a story behind this one... kind of.

The Mother is limited.
She is alone in her responsibility to protect the child and she is powerless to the world.
She will forever be unable to keep her daughter safe.
She is aware of this, and prays for her child.

The Daughter is precious.
She has only her Mother to protect her. She has choices and decisions.
She will forever look to her Mother for direction, though her Mother is imperfect.
The Daughter is aware of this, and prays for her Mother.



I noticed I haven't been as interested in art as I usually am. I feel like I am not doing what "I" like. So I decided to just let myself go and draw whatever I felt like drawing. This is what I came up with. It kind of looks like an angel, though I wasn't intending for it to end up like that. I also don't know what is going on....

Enjoy :)


Bouncing Ball Pencil Test

I am slowly completing the assignments from first year animation at sheridan, just for fun. Thanks to Dan for letting me explore his first year binder! This is part of the first animation assignment. Stay tuned for the bowling ball and balloon :)

Overall I found the assignment pretty fun. I didn't plan the room very well, so the ball bounces in and hits off of an invisible wall. I got a little fancy with some special effects when it hits the wall.

I went a little crazy with my squash and stretch. Subtlety is clearly not my forte!



He's so fluffy!

I woke up this morning and I realized how much I want a dog. I just love taking dogs for walks. It makes me feel so relaxed and is one of those "little things" that should be enjoyed. 

If I could have any dog, it would look like this...



I decided to spend my morning drawing cats. I have never owned a cat (I am allergic), but they are sooooo fun and cute. Every time Dan and I go to the zoo, I am always confused about how to draw the larger cats, so I thought if I took some time and completed some cat studies, I would feel more confident.

I found this random flickr account with all of these cute kitties jumping around. I used many of the photos for reference.

Officially on the hunt!

Since I finished school, I told myself I would take a vacation and get some well deserved R&R. Sadly, I found myself growing angrier and angrier every passing day. (Angry from relaxing... I know I'm a nut!)

It seems that I have a huge problem just sitting around and doing nothing... I went to the zoo, the beach, Wonderland, and yet I was still annoyed at everything. (I somewhat blame BMC for this... they can create a workaholic out of anyone!)

Dan finally convinced me that getting my CAREER job would be beneficial. Jeepers that sounds exciting... CAREER!!!!! Within minutes of deciding my mood has improved 100% and I am excited to start looking around!

Wish me luck!!!


The Happy Tapir

He's my favourite of all of the zoo animals!

Sun Dance

I decided to work with my hands today (and away from my computer and photoshop). I really enjoyed making this piece. I have never worked on this type of paper before... I think it turned out pretty well. I hope you enjoy this one!!!


A Toronto Zoo Moment...

I would like to give a shout out to all of the dads I saw at the zoo yesterday sporting little girl backpacks.  It is dads like you that make us daughters feel special (though a ride on your shoulders doesn't hurt)!


I had another nightmare

last night and it was no fun. I decided to paint the beast from my dreams... but he ended up looking a lot cuter than I had hoped.

My dream included this creepy daemon that played piano at night... I kept fetching dairy products for him... like yogurt and milk. When he asked for soft serve ice cream, I had to pry open the wall to get it. Sadly, I also disturbed some creepy spirit that convinced the beast to kill everyone.. including me. I don't like dying in my dreams. No fun at all.

Anyways! I did this just now to get it all out of my system so I can have a fun day at the beach!


I was excited...

...to go on a trip with my friend Steph. Sadly, it didn't work out.. at least not yet.

Sorry for the quality. The image was too large to scan.


I just don't know what to do with myself lately. It is funny how when you have the most free time, you are the least productive.

I really want to improve my drawing skills. I feel like there are just SO MANY talented artists out there and I cannot compare. I also was hoping to keep my Master's Research Project going. Sadly, I still need to figure out the navigation (evil php)... and I know it is going to take me a few months of learning before I can get something together that functions.

I feel like everyone has jobs already and I really just need to take some time off before I am ready to know where I want to spend my time. I am sure I'll figure myself out soon enough.


Remember slimes?

This looks nothing like the slimes from my childhood. I did it in about 10 minutes while Dan was in the shower.

angry bird

30 minute painting from this morning. I'm trying to fill my mornings with exercise, figure drawing and then some photoshop painting. Hopefully I will see some improvement if I do it every day!



This is a little creature I drew in Baltimore during the annual meeting of the Association of Medical Illustrators. It was surprising to see how many illustrators there were and how few of them brought their sketchbooks. Maybe they are sick of drawing since they do it for a living?

Of course, my sketches had nothing to do with medical illustration. So who am I to say anything!


Homage to the Slime Mold.

I was talking to Dan today about how I used to love slime molds. I think I still love them. They are just sooooo cool! Created by hundreds of little cells migrating into a single colony.

This was a quick one. I really like how it is a little tilted. It seems like everything is unstable and is going to fall over any second. Hang in there little slime mold!



the little planet

My friend Sheena bought me the children's book, "the little prince", I just started reading it yesterday and when I woke up this morning I just had this urge to paint a little planet like in the book.

This is a little rough but I think I am done with it. 



playing around with photoshop

Dan wanted to see me paint... so I painted this.

Nothing much to say about it. I was just having some fun :)


Character Rotation

I have been spending most of my free time watching netflix and playing minecraft... this isn't very productive and I usually find myself bored and under-stimulated...


after I get super tired from schoolwork (a.k.a. procrastination) I grab Dan's first year binder from Sheridan and start doing his assignments. Yes, I know I am a nerd... still finishing my own degree while spending my free time working on assignments from another one. 

My first assignment I gave myself was a character rotation (due week 4 haha). I decided to colour it in as well.

I named him Mr. Featherbottom. He has a beautiful blue backdrop as well :) Such a pretty bird :)

I think the next one will be a painting... I am not ready to animate anything... I shouldn't even have the time to do these things... but I need some sort of balance in my life.



I absolutely LOVE art.

Creativity really replenishes your energy levels and keeps you feeling vibrant and healthy. 


and, of course, my inspiration :)



I got home from school today and pretty much just worked outside on our balcony. It is a beautiful day and I think I have a major sunburn.

I couldn't help but draw another pretty lady. I am really enjoying drawing girls.

Enjoy :)



My sister and my brother-in-law were married this past week in Hawaii. I couldn't help but be inspired to draw some hawaiian girls.

Sadly, I am not comfortable enough yet in watercolour to try out skin tones... so they are all super white!

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them :)



I drew/painted these two lions this morning. I don't really like the kid that much, but I am happy with the lion. Inspiration - African Cats. I don't recommend watching it in the theatres... but it might be fun to make fun of Samuel L Jackson's awesome narration! Very dramatic.

Here's my initial sketch :)


My Character! - Incomplete

I have been working on my flash character for my MRP this week. I really like how she is turning out. She is not finished, but as usual, I love posting unfinished work!

I am having difficulty making her look nice both very large and very small in flash (she is going to be talking to the users very close to the screen so she will appear large(like right now), but she also needs to shrink down and be "put away".... thumbnail size). Anyways, when she is small she looks funny... but I don't want to add black outlines because then she looks ugly and it doesn't flow with my website design.

Anyways, here she is!


B-day Card

It was Daniel's mom's birthday today and I tried making a card for her.... I decided to make little caricatures of their family (plus me on the side!). I think it resembles everyone a little bit... I think it still needs some work though...

Anyways! It was a nice break from all the hard work! This picture makes me happy :)


Morning on the Farm

I was experimenting with patterns. They are pretty fun :)

As far as the content goes, I feel like I could have made this post a lot more humorous...  Alas, I am not that funny.