Azula and Mulan.... combined!!!!

Dan and I have been watching "Avatar, the last airbender" quite a bit recently. I was inspired and tried to draw a pretty Azula, but it ended up looking kind of like Mulan!!!!


80's Neon fun colours!!!!

I've noticed I've been focusing a lot on character sketches much more than backgrounds/layout... I really enjoy drawing people and animals.

I had fun drawing this girl. I'm loving the crazy colours that everyone is wearing lately! I really need to get me one of those neon yellow/green shirts for when I am out and about on my rollerblades, bike or running! Then everyone would see me!!!


Toronto Zoo 2011 - Rhino

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for not posting in such a long time. It's been so busy lately and I haven't even had the time to finish my schoolism course in digital painting!!!! I only have a few weeks left so hopefully I will finish it and can provide you with some feedback on how it all went.

Dan and I did manage to make it to the Toronto Zoo again. We've gone a few times this year, but haven't had much of a chance to actually DRAW!!!!

I've been drawing every day at work over my lunch, so I have been working at it (I just haven't been posting!)

I would also love to share this wonderful Zoo Moment:

While Dan and I were checking out the rhinoceros, this russian family walked past us and we overheard them talking... 

The dads said, "Hey kids, that is exactly what the dinosaurs used to look like millions of years ago"

Then the mother makes this hilariously sarcastic remark in here super cool russian accent...

"Yah.... like a rock."

So, of course, I would like to present you with my illustration of the rhino.. er... dinosaur.... rock....