I love squirrels

Squirrels are one cool animal! They don't eat garbage like other types of urban wildlife. They chill out in the trees, they are cute, they are smart and do the little tree shuffle to escape predators. Come on! Who doesn't know the squirrel tree shuffle? Where the squirrel hides on the opposite side of the tree so you can see it, and then when you look behind to tree to see what is there, she shuffles around the other side.... once again eluding you.

Of course, many of them can be seen on the road... flattened.... it is very sad. But I still blame that on their risk-taking behaviour. (Of course I love that Geico commercial with the squirrels causing the car accident)

Pretty much, squirrels are awesome. I think it would be cool to have a pet squirrel... but squirrels are too cool for me.


  1. ps: if you want a pet squirrel hang around trees during Sept - when the babies leave the nests but are still too small to do much......grab one ;)

  2. You'll love them even more after you watch this: