My Character! - Incomplete

I have been working on my flash character for my MRP this week. I really like how she is turning out. She is not finished, but as usual, I love posting unfinished work!

I am having difficulty making her look nice both very large and very small in flash (she is going to be talking to the users very close to the screen so she will appear large(like right now), but she also needs to shrink down and be "put away".... thumbnail size). Anyways, when she is small she looks funny... but I don't want to add black outlines because then she looks ugly and it doesn't flow with my website design.

Anyways, here she is!


B-day Card

It was Daniel's mom's birthday today and I tried making a card for her.... I decided to make little caricatures of their family (plus me on the side!). I think it resembles everyone a little bit... I think it still needs some work though...

Anyways! It was a nice break from all the hard work! This picture makes me happy :)


Morning on the Farm

I was experimenting with patterns. They are pretty fun :)

As far as the content goes, I feel like I could have made this post a lot more humorous...  Alas, I am not that funny.


Stuff I have been doing...

I am sad I never get to post on my blog anymore...

Please visit my website I created for school. I have been completing a lot of tutorials for actionscrip and I am really enjoying it.

Hopefully you will like it too!