I just don't know what to do with myself lately. It is funny how when you have the most free time, you are the least productive.

I really want to improve my drawing skills. I feel like there are just SO MANY talented artists out there and I cannot compare. I also was hoping to keep my Master's Research Project going. Sadly, I still need to figure out the navigation (evil php)... and I know it is going to take me a few months of learning before I can get something together that functions.

I feel like everyone has jobs already and I really just need to take some time off before I am ready to know where I want to spend my time. I am sure I'll figure myself out soon enough.


  1. see I blogrolled you :) so I got to see when you posted. Now I'll be commenting non-stop on EVERY post! Anyway, we kinda already spoke about this but just do whatever you FEEL like. usually I wouldn't give that advice but it sounds like you need time to follow whatever you're FEELING :D so just do it....you haven't been able to in a while so enjoy it!!!

  2. Wow! You've also been drawing a lot, I love it! Your characters are always so adorable. :)

    Keep drawing and doing things you enjoy - I have no doubt you'll find your calling soon enough! Look forward to seeing more from you. :D