Oil Pastels

Another attempt at a relatively new medium. I saw Julie had been using this gesture drawing website instead of life drawing... so I decided to try it out. It is pretty cool actually.

Anyways... I never go to life drawing... so hopefully if I use this I can grow into a well seasoned artist... though I doubt it!

Here is my 2nd attempt... the first I choose not to disclose.


I received some watercolour paints and pencil crayons from my mom and brother for Christmas :) (Markers from my nephew, Logan).

I think my first attempt with watercolours was much better than that of animating in Flash! haha


Merry Christmas

Dan and I spent our Christmas Eve at home wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music and making christmas gift tags.

You can see mine below, or click the link to Dan's!

Dan's Card

My classmate Joyce made a Christmas card that is super cute and everyone should check her stuff out as well.

Joyce's Card

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!



I am prematurely posting this for no reason other than I am bored.
I just changed my lighting so the highlights/shadows are wrong... I am going to change the colours now too. Everything looks so dead. This is an illustration of the skin and the changes that it undergoes when someone has an allergic reaction to poison ivy. I think I need to make it more fleshy and alive looking. I think the mist in the background and the "sunset" might be a little too dramatic for this... but whatever. We'll see what happens as I continue to paint.


Royal Winter Fair... very late post.

I was a little ashamed of posting these drawings a couple weeks ago because the Sheridan students were all posting theirs... and let's just face the facts, I am no Sheridan student.

BUT! I still love drawing, so here they are!

I also drew these last night while waiting for my Adobe stuff to uninstall and install again. 


More MRP website designs...

I think this is the one I am sticking with. I like my character (she hopefully will be more developed... I just busted her out and I decided to keep her). Her name is going to be Anna :)

I have been going back and forth between animating in flash or going traditional for the character animation. I thought I decided on flash... but I keep wanting to draw it all on paper.

Anyways, I am sure this design will change a lot by the end, but I think it works for now. Pretty much there are little buttons on the side that slide out when you click on them. The help button is visible at all times so the user can click it if she needs assistance. The little square buttons go to learning modules or therapeutic modules that play on the main screen (shown in the first image with the play button under it).