Oil Pastels

Another attempt at a relatively new medium. I saw Julie had been using this gesture drawing website instead of life drawing... so I decided to try it out. It is pretty cool actually.

Anyways... I never go to life drawing... so hopefully if I use this I can grow into a well seasoned artist... though I doubt it!

Here is my 2nd attempt... the first I choose not to disclose.


  1. Looking good Nicole :D!

    life drawing is an expensive hobby :(
    the website is a good alternative, but I think I've cycled through a lot of pictures already from doing quick gestures!

    posemaniacs.com is also decent for weirder angles and poses (but not for lighting).

  2. Thanks for all your comments Julie! Happy Holidays to you too!!!

  3. I'm sure you can practice with the website. But there is always a big difference between using real life and picture for reference. Hopefully will have time this year to do some life drawing sessions. We'll try to fit them in our schedule.

    Keep working Nic! You are doing great!