Zoo Trip #6

I was brave this time and did everything in PEN!

It was certainly different... It made me focus a little more. I was forced to be a little more careful with my lines. I was still pretty sketchy but every once in a while something nice came out :)


One of my favourites! The tapir decided to run around all morning!

You can tell I was getting tired...

I don't know how to draw cats yet...

Soooooo cute!


Tissue Landscape

School project...

I chose skin as my tissue and started with a thumbnail...

Made a pretty line drawing...

I ended up photocopying it at school and played around with my markers. Sadly, my sebaceous gland is funky looking and I didn't realize it until class yesterday when we learned what glands really look like. Oops.

We also needed to include at least one "call-out" in the composition. I outlined in markers where my call-outs could potentially go. I didn't bother doing detailed images. Since I messed up the glands I figured I would just leave this as a composition study.

I think I am happy enough leaving it like this. It is just a small assignment and I think I could be working on more important things than re-doing the whole thing tonight. It was a very fun assignment and I kind of want to re-do the whole thing. I completed it on Tuesday between classes.



Here are some of the sketches I did this/last week. Fun fun.


Congratulations Dan!!!!!

Dan got his G yesterday so I decided to paint him his favourite car :) (photo reference... ya, ya, I cheated.)

Congrats my love! Maybe one day, if we work hard enough, we can buy you one! (Notice the loving license plate)

It took me 5.5 hours total. 2.5 hours yesterday, 3 this morning. I got a little tired by the end... the poor back tire is so sad. I really hope you like it Dan!



Our first assignment this year was to take a picture of a fetus, rotate it 90 degrees in our head and draw it. After 2 movies, a cupcake, some salad, a sculpture and some chatting with Sheena, this is what I came up with...

Here is the original image...



My very first attempt at making a landscape... very simple but fun :)

I saw a painting with wolves running through the snow a while back and it inspired this one... only I added a yeti because I can't draw wolves yet.

They do exist...


More fun before school...

I really have a hard time painting in photoshop... I don't know if I am just impatient and can't be bothered to spend more than 30 minutes doing something (30 minutes is such a long time).

Anyways, I decided if I was going to learn to draw, I might as well start slow and try to make a simple character that I can learn from every angle. It was fun and I might try to make more little characters. I'm posting a lot of the drawings I did over the past few days (character development!!!!). I tried colouring them in as well!!!