Tissue Landscape

School project...

I chose skin as my tissue and started with a thumbnail...

Made a pretty line drawing...

I ended up photocopying it at school and played around with my markers. Sadly, my sebaceous gland is funky looking and I didn't realize it until class yesterday when we learned what glands really look like. Oops.

We also needed to include at least one "call-out" in the composition. I outlined in markers where my call-outs could potentially go. I didn't bother doing detailed images. Since I messed up the glands I figured I would just leave this as a composition study.

I think I am happy enough leaving it like this. It is just a small assignment and I think I could be working on more important things than re-doing the whole thing tonight. It was a very fun assignment and I kind of want to re-do the whole thing. I completed it on Tuesday between classes.


  1. nic...can you try to explain what's in your pictures more sometimes....when you said skin, I had no idea how those drawings were skin until you spoke of the glands....just a tip for us laymans :P lol good work!

  2. Well, I just don't know what sebaceous glands look like. In my humble opinion yours look perfect!!! rsrs You did a pretty good job Nic!!! Your skin is just beautiful!!! ;)

  3. I think this worked out great as a landscape/scene!!

    BTW I love your new blog layout~