Zoo Trip #6

I was brave this time and did everything in PEN!

It was certainly different... It made me focus a little more. I was forced to be a little more careful with my lines. I was still pretty sketchy but every once in a while something nice came out :)


One of my favourites! The tapir decided to run around all morning!

You can tell I was getting tired...

I don't know how to draw cats yet...

Soooooo cute!


  1. Hey My Love!!
    Good work there with the pen!! It's always nice to try out different mediums! I love your take on the kangaroos. They look really nice! just don't forget to work on your structure. It is easy getting carried away with the pen since you are trying to lay down your lines right of the bat.

    Keep working hard!

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Very neat drawings on your blog!

    Do you by any chance know my friend Minyan Wang? I believe she is doing the same program as you at U of T!

  3. Good job with the kangaroos!! They are absolutely cute! Ohhh... and the swimming bear!!! Fiquei com saudades!! ;) I want to go back again!!!

  4. Yea the bear in the water is incredible, you caught a lot of great poses!

  5. Thanks for the comments guys :)

    And Aimee, I haven't met very many of the first years. I am in my second. If I see her I'll let her know you asked about her :)