Character Rotation

I have been spending most of my free time watching netflix and playing minecraft... this isn't very productive and I usually find myself bored and under-stimulated...


after I get super tired from schoolwork (a.k.a. procrastination) I grab Dan's first year binder from Sheridan and start doing his assignments. Yes, I know I am a nerd... still finishing my own degree while spending my free time working on assignments from another one. 

My first assignment I gave myself was a character rotation (due week 4 haha). I decided to colour it in as well.

I named him Mr. Featherbottom. He has a beautiful blue backdrop as well :) Such a pretty bird :)

I think the next one will be a painting... I am not ready to animate anything... I shouldn't even have the time to do these things... but I need some sort of balance in my life.

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