Patho roughs

For our pathology class we need to create a sequential tissue study showing a pathology over time. I chose poison ivy. The boxes will eventually contain call-outs... and there will be text too... so if you are confused about the grey boxes.. no worries. They are placeholders.

The major project is to create this illustration for a double page spread of a scientific magazine. I thought about the layout a bit and have included it. I played around with colour too... though I did a pretty messy job of it.

I don't think this will be my final sequence because I just don't like it very much...


  1. The leaf in the upper left is an excellent touch (excuse the pun), it helps to lead your eye towards the pathological sequence. Have you decided on a background yet? The way you have those leaves floating back there makes me think a blurred-out image of foliage might look cool.

  2. I really liked your tissue landscape! It feels very dynamic and has great visual impact. I do think hairs would help the drawing, as mentioned in class. :)

  3. Uhhhh makes me wanna shrink myself and travel on a little ship around this place like that movie "Inner Space" =D

    Looking good Nic. I like it better with the colour though. The tonal seams to not be working as well. maybe all the tones are too close to each other? Some times that might bring up problems later.

    Love love

  4. These tissue drawings always make me crazy!!! I just don't get them very well, but this one looks very good!