Austra - Katie Stelmanis

I've been listening to Austra a lot lately, so I decided to try painting another person!

This one is a little crazy looking, but I am still learning... so who really cares!

I am not happy with this one at all... I don't like the colours... and I don't think it looks like Katie Stelmanis... The only cool thing about it is the oil pastels/watercolour combination.

Oh well!!!! Enjoy!


  1. austra is one of my favourites. great fan art nicole! did you see her live recently? she was phenomenal.

  2. Hey Andreea! I've never seen her live... but I do love the band!

  3. oh i forgot to say, i adore the background. is it pastel and watercolor in wide strokes? i dont know why you're unhappy with it, i think it is gorgeous.

  4. That makes me happy. I watercoloured it first, then I added horizontal blue pastel lines across the back. Rock on with someone liking it!! haha