Character Rotation

In my Community Centered Design Research class, we need to complete several assignments and collect 20 points by the end of the term. Each assignment is worth a specific amount of points depending on the level of difficulty or complexity. I decided to complete the "traditional animation of a rotating structure in flash" since it sounded like a lot of fun (5 points!)

Overall I am very pleased with the result. I created the character very quickly and focused on simple shapes. Colouring her in flash was very simple as well. She is a little off balance but I don't think it takes that much away from the end result.

Also, feel free to check out the website I made for this class. It contains a less choppy version of this video.


I hope you like this one :)


  1. Looks awesome Nicole!!! She is so charming!!

    Traditional easier than BONES? Haha

  2. I'm so proud!
    My girlfriend's first little rotation =DDD

    Gonna make a fine animator one day!!! hehehe

    love love,

  3. Thanks you two! Traditional is WAY easier than the stupid BONE TOOL! :)

  4. I already told you in person but I must say it again - I LOVE THIS!!!! :)