My computer is broken...


I tried using some of the Adobe software and all of a sudden.. photoshop died. I tried reinstalling my collection... it took from 8 to 12 midnight... then failed.

I was very angry and upset, but I drew some pretty fun stuff while I was waiting.

Let's all hope that my computer feels better soon.


Fun stuff!

Here are some monsters and kids I drew yesterday. I am really starting to realize how much I love drawing. I know I am not the best, but I think my heart is in the right place.


Med Legal Portrait Stage 1

I have to paint a portrait of a 16 year old girl. I decided to paint my bestest of the best, Benny! Sadly, I just copied from a picture of her so I can't take much credit for it.

I have NO idea how to paint in photoshop... I am just putting blobs of colour down and trying to find the major colours and tones of her face. I think it is looking pretty cool so far... I have much more to go still though!




Dan and I went to Hutchinson Farm yesterday to pick out pumpkins! I was inspired to draw even though there was no one there but us and it was cold and rainy.

Dan and I went to visit my sister's family and my brother. We had a lot of fun and both my sister and brother wanted to try out their mad art skills! Below are their portraits of me. The one on the left is by my sister, Alison. Right is by my brother, Jason. I was surprised at how great my sister's was, she was always very talented in art when we were younger. She did it in about 5 minutes... and after 10+ years of no practice, I think it looks pretty great!

A couple weekends ago, Dan and I decided to go out and draw people. Of course is was about 11pm on a Friday night, so we figured mall sketching was a no go. We ended up sitting outside of a nightclub and just drawing people there. Surprisingly, no one really minded us! The girl below wearing only her underwear was modelling in front of cars while some little old man took pictures. We took full advantage of her poses!

Last but not least is a bunch of random stuff I have done...
Enjoy :)


Couldn't resist!

Dan and I went for a drive around tonight just for fun after watching Thumbalina... Dan didn't like the movie... or my singing... These are really just for fun :)


Patho roughs

For our pathology class we need to create a sequential tissue study showing a pathology over time. I chose poison ivy. The boxes will eventually contain call-outs... and there will be text too... so if you are confused about the grey boxes.. no worries. They are placeholders.

The major project is to create this illustration for a double page spread of a scientific magazine. I thought about the layout a bit and have included it. I played around with colour too... though I did a pretty messy job of it.

I don't think this will be my final sequence because I just don't like it very much...


Master's Research Project character attempt...

I was home all day today sick with a migraine. I really hate them because the leave you feeling pretty useless and confused. I started feeling better about an hour or two ago and drew some pictures of potential APA (animated pedagogical agent) cartoon characters. I am not sure I like any of them but I tried adding colour to my mermaid in flash.

The character is going to be animated in flash and help women work through a program to help them with a specific sexual dysfunction. I am not really sure what appeals to this population... so any ideas would be helpful.

I like the idea of the mermaid because I feel they are seen as these beautiful sensual mysterious women from the sea... but that doesn't mean they have intercourse! Maybe we need to embrace our inner mermaid :)



Oh God...

So I tried once again to animate in flash... this time with a lot more grief.

Apparently the bone tool is pretty lame and deletes body parts (only left feet) once you move it around with the selection tool...

I am really getting worried about animating in flash... it makes my mac have the spinning colour wheel (not the pizza... why call it a pizza? - for PC users.. it is like the hour glass).

Once again I am ashamed to post this... but I feel like I should because I tried.

Does anyone know why there is always these glitches when I try to export? My poor little character looks like he is duplicating and recombining every 2 seconds!

Excuse the nakedness...

I am finally becoming more comfortable in photoshop. I drew this while Dan and I were watching the movie "Up". Obviously I was influenced by this beautiful film. I really think the intro should be its own short film... love love.