Pokemon Master

I don't know about you guys, but I love Pokemon. I've been going back and playing the old "Pokemon Red" on Nintendo Game Boy. That, in combination with all the little crochet monsters I've been making made me think about what it would be like if I were a real pokemon trainer!

I think it would look something like this...

I wanted to portray myself with the iconic Ash Ketchum Pokemon League hat, but it wasn't really working with my hair. I ended up deciding on just a skimpy tank top like what Misty might wear with the same logo from the hat. I also decided that the little monster I finished yesterday would make a perfectly fine starter pokemon. I really love charmander, but he didn't make the cut.

I am also not wearing any shoes... the real reason for this is that I don't think I need them to win a pokemon battle... though I've never battled before so I may be mistaken.

It is so sad pokemon doesn't really exist... I feel like if it did there would be many people upset about how cruel it is to make the little critters fight. I was under the impression they were only digital though, since they go into their little poke balls and you can store them on your PC. Anyways... if they WERE real, I would totally stop everything I was doing and become a full blown Pokemon Master!

Wouldn't you?

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