Life drawing with the animals!

This summer has been hard, fun, exhausting and full of learning experiences! For my last 'HURRAH' of the summer, Dan and I went to the zoo for the 5th time yesterday (accompanied by some fabulous BMC buddies) and I am really starting to get the hang of drawing animals. I am really proud of the macaques! They are really hard to draw and thankfully, we had a nice guy doing some sweet poses for us! Who needs life drawing when you have a very chill macaque getting snuggly with a fence?

I like my gibbons as well :) They were moving much slower than usual so I think I grabbed the essence of them in a few sketches.

I am looking forward to more zoo trips this fall if I can fit it into my busy schedule.


  1. Nice going on the sketches Nic! You really did a good job with the monkeys this time eh? I like how loose your lines are for the "ghost monkeys" (cant remember their real name but, they're the two on the top left corner). Lets keep it up and arrange more zoo trips!

    Love love

  2. Ahhh i missed out again! These are great sketches, especially the monkeys! ;)